Ruby Lite Bicycle Lights Set

Bicycle Lights Set from Ruby Lite

Ruby Lite Lights

Ruby Lite Bicycle Lights Set

An affordable, high-performance bicycle lights set from Ruby Lite. Stay safe while cycling in poor visibility conditions with the 400 lumens headlight & 200 lumens taillight.

A Set of Bicycle Lights Worth Buying

We have included this set of bicycle lights from Ruby Lite as one of our recommended, high-quality & popular products. Reasons for adding this set of bicycle lights to our growing collection of top quality products & services are as follows:

  • The 400 lumens headlight & 200 lumens taillight – lighting you up during a cycle ride for a safe journey with good visibility
  • The cost – we have found this bicycle lights set from Ruby Lite listed within the Amazon website here for only £21.99, discounted from £55.99 – this is an absolute bargain.
  • The set of cycling lights is USB rechargeable, with a 16+ hours runtime. These really are hassle-free bicycle lights.
  • The set of bicycle lights comes with a 3 years warranty from the manufacturer. Giving the customer peace of mind.

400 & 200 Lumens Bicycle Lights Set = High Performance

For those of you that don’t already know, lumens is a measurement that dictates how powerful a light will appear to be. It is a measurement that has kind of started to replace the old measurement of watts. A 400 lumens headlight will give off a similar brightness as a 50w bulb. The 400 lumens spotlight for the front of your bike and the 200 lumens rear light for your bike will be more than ample enough for ensuring your cycling ride is lit-up and safe.

You can find this Ruby Lite bicycle lights set listed on our Found You Online shopping website right here.



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