Livall MT1 Smart Bike Helmet Main

Smart Bicycle Helmet from Livall

Livall MT1 Helmet

Livall MT1 Smart Bike Helmet Main

This is the innovative smart cycling helmet from Livall – the ‘Livall MT1 Smart Bike Helment’. The Livall MT1 is fully equiped with smart remote signalling for built in helmet taillights, bluetooth speakers and mic & Sos alert smart app.

Smart Bicycle Helmet With All The Features

Livall MT1 Smart Cycling Helmet

As you can see within the image above, the Livall MT1 cycling helmet comes with many add-on features. The helmet it-self is fitted with smart taillights, bluetooth speakers, mic and the smart SOS alert system that links with the LIVALL Riding App. Included with the Livall MT1 bicycle helmet, is the smart ‘Bling Remote Controller’ that seemlessly connects with the helmet, allowing the owner to control all functions from their bicycle handle bars. Simply attach the bling remote controller to your handle bars, and enjoy answering calls, playing music and signalling your turning at the touch of a button.

Where To Buy The Livall MT1 Smart Cycle Helmet?

We found the Livall MT1 Smart bicycle helmet selling on Amazon here for only £99.00 with free delivery. This is the best price we could find online for this stylish, ultra comfortable and ultra safe bicycle helmet.

Livall MT1 Smart Bicycle Helmet - Side View

You can also see this Livall MT1 smart Bicycle helmet listed within our Found You Online collection of top quality products and services, right here. We highly recommend this product for its quality design, innovative technology and its cool safety features. The price is certainly reasonable taking into consideration everything the buyer will be receiving in this high performance bundle.

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